About Myanmar

·         The country code is +95, and the internet access code is .mm.
·         Time Zone = MMT (UTC+6:30)
·         International airports are in Yangon and Mandalay.
·         The country is divided into states, divisions, townships, wards and villages.
·         Business Hours is usually from 9am to 5pm for private companies and 9:30-4:30 for government offices. Working days are from Monday through Friday. Public holidays are also included.
·         Major Credit cards are not widely accepted. Cash is always more convenient. National currency is Kyat.
·         Electricity is 200 volts AC, 50Hz.
·         Taxis are available everywhere. There are over 250 Buses lines running through Yangon everyday. For exclusive transport, there are car rental services.
·         Domestic highway bus terminals are Aung-Yadanar and Sawbwargyi-Gone, both about 10 miles from downtown Yangon.
·         Common local unit of weight is peiktha (viss), which equals to 3.6 pounds.
·         Most common unit of measure is feet and inches.
·         Clothing should be light, casual cotton wear, sandals or slippers are best for summer.
·         A cardigan or light jerkin for winter and quick drying clothes and an umbrella during the rainy season.